Dredging harbour of La Turballe for maintenance of wind farm parc éolien Saint-Nazaire

We recently had the opportunity to work together with Merceron on the project “dredging harbour of La Turballe”. This port on the west coast of France was in need of expansion. For this job, in addition to dredging equipment from Merceron, our type B113 split barge was used to transport dredged sediment, sand and water.

In total, 60,000 m³ of sand was extracted with the help of this split hopper barge. In addition, 20,000 m³ of material was used to lay the foundations of the future breakwater.

Hiring a split barge
Baars has various types of split hopper barges in its range, including our 160 m³ split barge. This is very easy and quick to deploy. The dredging equipment is delivered by truck and after 2 days of assembly, the barge is ready for use. We have 4 units of 160 m³ split barges in our fleet, but we also have other types of split hopper barges with a capacity of up to 1000 m³.

In this video  you can see exactly how the work went.

Wind farm
In the future, the port of La Turballe will be used for the maintenance of offshore wind turbines in the Parc éolien Sainte Nazaire. This will be the first offshore wind farm in France and lies at least 12 kilometres off the coast. There will be 80 wind turbines, which will provide 20% of the electrical consumption of the French department of Loire-Atlantique. This will make a major contribution to the transition towards sustainable energy in France. The wind farm is expected to be commissioned in 2022.

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Besides this project in La Turballe, we have carried out many more impressive projects. Here you can read more about our work in Port Nouvelle .

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