Pontoons in all shapes and sizes
Baars has been the specialist in modular pontoons for years. The unique modular Container Pontoon system (with nut and bolt connection) absorbs considerable dynamic and static force. We’re your source for rental or purchase of new or refurbished models. Our fleet also includes jack-up platforms for drilling, dredging, and pile-driving work. These modular jack-up rigs can be used for all inland and offshore applications.

Marine equipment
Fully equipped with deck and marine equipment, you can get right to work. We provide equipment such as buoys, anchors, anchor racks, winches, power packs, bollards, fenders, and railings. 

Mooring system
The 4 or 6 point anchor system ensures that you can position all floating platforms. We provide all accessories such as steel cables, roller fairleads, anchors, anchor racks, anchor buoys and a hydraulic power pack (HPU).

Top quality dredging equipment
We’re also your source for dredging equipment and transport barges. Baars Charter specialises in the sale and rental of soil transport vessels: dredging barges such as elevator barges, split barges and hopper barges especially for sludge, including contaminated sludge. No need to go anywhere else for any conceivable type of dredging work.

All the Baars equipment from modular barges to hopper and splithopper barges are IACS certified.

Custom solutions
We’d be happy to develop equipment for you based on your needs. Contact us with your special requirements. Our creativity is your solution.

Find out more
Our products are used all over the world for dredging, pile-driving, and drilling projects. The website features many examples. For more information, telephone us or simply request an estimate online.

‘Thank you for the great cooperation’

Compliments for professionalism, perseverance and commitment to the Calandbrug project.

Peter Bert van Herwijnen, Environmental manager Rotterdam area

‘This pontoon is worth its weight in gold’

-Flatbed monopontoon Amsterdam canals-
Gerben Busweiler, Head of Equipment at Beens Group

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