Split Hopper Barges for water transport of dredging sludge, sand and soil  

Hire or purchase with delivery at your project location 

You can choose from a fleet of 20 self-discharging split barges with a volume of 160 m3 to 1,000 m3. Consider our attractive, innovative options like self-propelled split barges and an environmentally-friendly hybrid solution for opening and closing the barges. 

  • Fleet always updated 
  • Split  hopper barges can be disassembled and transported by road 
  • Sustainable energy source for opening and closing barge 
  • Purchase or rental
  • Seaworthiness IACS Certificates for split hopper barges

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  • We deliver the split hopper barge to your project location anywhere in the world.  
  • Our dismountable split barges can be transported by road in four pieces. Ideal for projects on lakes or locations with difficult access. 
  • For an accurate price estimate for domestic water transport, it is important to know the draught and the navigable width and height.
  • For sea transport, take into account the fees at the destination port.  
  • We provide a budget price for costs starting from departure from Sliedrecht. This includes the cost of a tow certificate, a fit for tow certificate, service vessels and an agent. 

Additional useful information about transporting split barges: 




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