Working barges for water transport of dredging sludge, sand and soil  

Hire or purchase work barges with delivery at your project location  

Baars working barges can be used to transport dredging sludge, sand, soil, and concrete granulate. You can choose from a fleet of 16 barges. Volume of 240 m3 to 1,040 m3. All barges have a cargo tonnage measurement, an inland tonnage certificate and a Certificate of Inspection for the river Rhine. Some barges also have a classification certificate. This is for marine use. You can discharge the hopper barges with a barge unloading suction dredger or a crane.  

  • Fleet always updated 
  • Volume to 1,040 m3 
  • CO2friendly transport for rivers, seas and harbours 
  • Hopper barges can basically load all loads, except dredging sludge
  • Elevator barges are suitable for all loads. Especially for loading dredging sludge
  • Purchase or rental 
  • Worldwide delivery 
  • Includes all  certificates 
  • Something else in mind? We’d be glad to develop a custom working barge for you. 

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  • We can deliver anywhere in the world. 
  • For an accurate price estimate. It is important to know the depth and the navigable width and height. 
  • For sea transport, take into account the fees at the destination port.  
  • We provide a budget price for costs starting from departure from Sliedrecht. This includes the cost of a tow certificate, a fit for tow certificate, service vessels and an agent. 

Useful additional information about the transport of the barges: 


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