Split hopper barges for dredging in canals, ports and at sea

Split hopper barges for dredging in canals, ports and at sea
A split hopper barge is a vessel used for installing soil, sand or stones (dredge material) – usually operating in conjunction with backhoe dredgers.
Powered by two hydraulic cylinders, the bottom of the barge splits like a grab. When sailing, the parts are kept closed by a number of locks.

Split barges can be used worldwide

In 2014, Baars started deploying split barges. Since September 2021, we have 6 units of 450 m3 in our fleet. Two of them have been operating in the Caribbean for some time, while 4 split barges are sailing around Europe.
Split barges are perfect for all dredging activities. The format we use at Baars is ideal for canals, ports and at sea. All of our split barges have a seagoing certificate IACS.

What size split hopper do you need?
Click on this Baars cycle calculator. On this application you can calculate yourself which split hopper barge you need. Handy!
All of our formats from our fleet you can find here.

A look in the kitchen of Baars
In this video you can see how the robust, seaworthy split hopper barges B405 and B406 are made.
They have an useful size for working in ports and are up to the rough seas.

Looking for custom split hopper barges? Do not hesitate to contact us!