Drilling anchors from the water with jack-up Baars

At the end of 2020, hydraulic engineering company Hakkers BV from Werkendam won a challenging contract: the expansion of 300 metres of quay wall on behalf of the port authority North Sea Port in Vlissingen. Because of the jack-up experience in Rotterdam, Hakkers knew what they could get out of Baars’ equipment and, at tender time, it was decided to use a jack-up because of the large tidal difference at the North Sea Port tender.

The quay will be used by Access World Terminals, a company specialised in the storage and distribution of Ferro alloys and related products. This is a nice strategic location in the Kaloothaven, as it is near the mouth of the Schelde to the North Sea.

Project process
Under the leadership of the superintendent Matthijs Klipper, Hakkers is building the quay wall with tubular piles and a steel sheet pile wall. The 170 anchors of 60 metres are inserted into the tubular piles from the water with the jack-up of Baars by the subsidiary Jetmix. The anchors are then tested and tensioned with an auger. A sound and solid basis for a quay wall!
Because of the tidal difference of 5 metres, a jack-up was chosen instead of a stabilising modular pontoon. The jack-up ensures that the drilling machine can work at a constant working height in all water levels. In this way, work can be done independently of the tides.

Baars rented out the jack-up without personnel, which Hakkers found convenient. Hakkers’ and Jetmix’s own personnel are present every day and are experienced enough to ensure safe operation. The water level is constantly monitored and everyone works responsibly and is careful with people and equipment. According to the superintendent Matthijs Klippel, this approach to hiring equipment is economical, efficient and pleasant for all concerned.

Baars has made a film about this project which you can watch above in the slider.

Modular jack-up from Baars
The jack-up that Hakkers chose is of the Finn type. This can be built together entirely as desired, which makes this jack-up modular. The dimensions of the jack-up are over 20 x 12 metres and it has a lifting capacity of approximately 100 tonnes. It is equipped with a bow and 30-metre long poles and can be set at various heights for drilling the ground anchors.

In addition, the jack-up can be used for geotechnical drilling, for the construction of ports and terminals, for installing anchors from the water and for other work in rivers or on the coast (up to 5 NM from the coast). The jack-up can be supplied by water or by road. Baars’ mechanics then prepare the jack-up for use and, if necessary, will also visit you in the interim to provide service. Due to the modular system, our Confloat Pontoons can be delivered in various configurations for different applications. The Container Pontoons are mainly used for dredging, drilling and soil investigation.

Do you want to work with the modular jack-up Finn yourself? Baars offers this jack-up for rent. The jack-up is also for sale.

Want to know more? Read more information in the leaflets about our jack-ups and modular pontoons.

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