Look what Baars can do in Cannes!

Strengthening coastline
The people of Cannes will be safe again! Our French customer TP Spada is strengthening the coastline of the port of Cannes with new concrete blocks. The excavator is placed on a modular container barge from Baars Confloat. This means that the concrete blocks are easily placed from the pontoon. And the port can resist bad weather conditions. A nice thought after the extreme weather that has plagued France in recent years.

Modular container pontoons
On our modular pontoon of over 26 x 12 x 2 meters, a 90-tonne excavator or a 110-tonne hoisting machine can effortlessly do the job. You can also use the pontoon, for example for coastal works, harbor works and water works on rivers. Think of dredging, pile-driving and drilling. With our 20 ‘and 40’ standard containers we can make a configuration for every application. In addition, you can use many additional options, such as bow containers, moonpools and marine equipment.

More information or a quote?
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