Rotterdam relies on our modular jack-up!

Marine engineering company Hakkers from Werkendam has been given a challenging assignment: the replacement of 500 meters of quay wall on Noordereiland in Rotterdam city to avoid flooding the Maaskade. With minimal disruption to the environment. And with the requirement to retain the authentic look of the wall. To do this, Hakkers opted for one of Baars’ Confloat Pontons (CPs).

Replacement of the quay wall

The current quay wall consists of basalt brickwork and is founded on wooden posts. This must largely be removed, after which a new steel sheet pile with ground anchors is installed. To retain the authentic look, the quay is then provided with hanging aprons with old basalt masonry. In addition, the quay is dredged to a depth of more than 3.5 meters below NAP, so that ships can moor safely overthere. This makes the quay suitable for ships with a draft of up to 1.90 meters.

Work from the water
In the immediate surrounding there are a few monumental buildings that must be protected during the work. In addition, noise, vibrations and dust can cause inconvenience. To minimize this, Hakkers chose to carry out the work from the water and to allow the transport of materials through the water. For this, use is made of the certified “Nore” Self elevating Platform made from Baars Confloat Pontoons. This Jack-up has a size of over 18 x 12 meters and has a lifting capacity of 100 tons and a loading capacity of 220 tons. The jackup is equipped with 24 meter long posts and can be set to various heights for drilling the ground anchors.

Confloat Pontoons from Baars
Hakkers chose one of our modular Confloat Pontons. By using the Baars Jackup there is no hindrance from the tides and waves. You can use them on rivers, in harbors and along the sea coast (up to 5 NM from the coast). The jackup can be supplied by water or by road. The Baars engineers will prepare the jackup for use and, if necessary, also come along to provide service. Thanks to the modular system, our Confloat Pontoons can be supplied in various configurations for different applications. The CP’s are mainly used for dredging, drilling and soil research.

A nice fact is that the Jackups and the Confloat Pontons bear the names of the rivers on which they were previously deployed. Besides the Nore we have the Skjern, Foyle, Barrow, Fumay and Seyssel.

Knowing more? Here you will find some leaflets about our pontoons and jackups : Beluga and Nore.