Primeur: Baars offers special capacity in Nieuwegein with 1,000 m3 capacity split hopper barges

The ‘’Princess Beatrix’’ lock is the largest inland lock in the Netherlands. This lock is located in the ‘’Lek’’ Canal near Nieuwegein. Every year about 50,000 ships transit the Beatrix lock. The Lek canal is the most important direct main waterway connection between the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The construction of a third lock is designed to ensure that future shipping traffic will transit the Princess Beatrix lock complex smoothly, safely and faster.

Our competent clients Martens and Van Oord are contracted for all the groundworks and are using brand new Baars’ split barge with an impressive capacity of 1,000 m3. and one 850 m3 large split hopper. This work on the lock complex is scheduled to be finished in 2019.

The Third lock chamber
The third lock chamber will be located to the east of the two current locks. On the same side, the Lek Canal is being widen and deepen over the entire length and the dike is being realigned slightly to the east. This is a major project where a lot of soil is being moved – and that is why these large split hoppers are so ideal . Split barges are regularly used in the rivers, but as they are also seaworthy they are equally suitable for the open waters.