Baars split hopper barge 1000 m3 makes dredging sludge an easY job!

Baars contributes to the construction of the largest sea lock in the world!
The Noordersluis near IJmuiden will reach the end of its technical life in 2029. In addition, the lock has become too small for the increasingly larger seagoing vessels. So it’s time for a new sealock to replace the Noordersluis, which will ensure that these larger ships can sail smoothly and safely through the North Sea Canal even at low tide. Rijkswaterstaat has awarded the construction of the new sealock IJmuiden at the entrance of the North Sea Canal to the OpenIJ consortium. This consortium consisting of BAM-PGGM, VolkerWessels and DIF is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining the new sea lock for 26 years. The new sea lock in the IJmuiden lock complex will be 500 meters long and 70 meters wide. and thus becomes the largest sea lock in the world. It is 18 meters deep.

Baars split hopper barge for removal of dredging spoil
Baars contributes to the project with the delivery of its large split hopper barge 1000 m3 B1001, which is used for two months. Jurgen Zondervan, our client of subcontractor BaggerIJ: “We use the split hopper barge for the removal of dredging sludge that we deposit about six miles outside the piers at sea in a designated dumping area. This kind of split hopper barge is very nice and I will recommend for jobs likes this! It is a large seagoing barge that enables us to efficiently transport dredging sludge. “