Ideal dredging combination for inland waters

Registered contractor with solid reputation Stadsbader reaches a new milestone. On one of its projects last November, under the watchful eye of a large number of colleagues, a 50T crane was driven onto a brand new pontoon from Baars. In addition to this milestone, 2 units of 881 m³ hopper barges have been added to Stadsbader’s fleet.

Expansion of Stadsbader fleet with modular dredging pontoon and hopper barges

Baars BV and Stadsbader have joined forces to carry out river works. For this purpose, several components have been delivered from Baars. First of all, a modular pontoon has been delivered on which a 50T crane has been placed. Besides this pontoon, two 881 m³ hopper barges were also delivered to carry out the work as soon as possible. Stadsbader has added this equipment to their fleet. As a result, this equipment will be used more often in the future to carry out various hydraulic works for inland works in Belgium and the surrounding areas.

Modular pontoon for performing dredging work on the Leie in Deinze

The first project where Stadsbader deploys Baars’ pontoons and hopper barges is for dredging work on the Leie in Deinze. The coupling pontoon including the 50T crane is positioned here and the hopper barges also serve here. From the pontoon, the crane scoops the dredge into the adjacent dredging bucket. Curious about the progress of this work? Then quickly watch this video.

Baars B.V. has again delivered a beautiful solution with coupling pontoons and dredging barges. Thanks to a good cooperation with Stadsbader. This party is more than a contractor; they also work on the future in hydraulic engineering and we have contributed to this. Are you also interested in dredging equipment? Ask Baars for the many possibilities of renting or buying dredging equipment.

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