Thorough refurbishment for pedestrian bridge with use of modular pontoons

From October 2022 to April 2023, Rijkswaterstaat and Volker Wessels are busy thoroughly refurbishing the swing bridge in Montfoort, The Netherlands. After both parties have carried out this work, the bridge will once again meet the machine and safety requirements and will be ready for years to come.

Upgrading the swing bridge in Montfoort
Work on refurbishing the swing bridge started in mid-September, the first step being the installation of a temporary auxiliary bridge. This temporary bridge will connect the end of ‘Onder de Boompjes’ (the bus parking area) and IJsselkade (at house numbers 24 – 26) to allow passage for cyclists, moped riders, pedestrians and emergency services. All other traffic will be diverted via the N204 and N228 during the work.

Baars Modular pontoons for placing temporary auxiliary bridge 
To make the placement of the temporary auxiliary bridge, from Retrobridge, as smooth as possible, the help of Baars Sliedrecht was called in. Using a platform of container pontoons and a tugboat, the temporary auxiliary bridge was sailed into the desired location. The tug’s skipper took care of the correct ballasting of the modular pontoons. He then assisted in placing the outriggers to ensure that the bridge was positioned at the correct height. The moment the temporary auxiliary bridge was positioned in the right location, the coupling pontoons were sailed out from under it and pumped empty again for the return trip. After being pumped empty, the platform with modular pontoons and the tugboat went back to their home port in Sliedrecht.

Baars Sliedrecht was again able to deliver a beautiful solution with modular pontoons, with nice teamwork between Retrobridge, Rijkswaterstaat and VolkerWessels!

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