Broken bridge? Modular pontoons span the repair time

The ‘’Spijkenisserbrug’’ is a traffic bridge across the Oude Maas between Hoogvliet and Spijkenisse in the Netherlands. In recent years, the bridge has been regularly obstructed by breakdowns or hit by barriers. As a result, not only motorists had to make the detour, cyclists were also on the road for much longer. Baars supplied two modular mooring pontoons, so that the local authorities can use a ferry to bring cyclists to the other side of the river quickly and efficiently.

Solution for the Spijkenisserbrug bridge
We have delivered two modular mooring pontoons of approximately 12 x 5 x 2 metres with bridge bearings and anti-slip. The mooring pontoons provide sufficient space for cyclists to board and for the ferry to moor safely. In addition, we have organized extra facilities such as fencing, signs, lighting and height and depth measurements.

Messages via social media 
A bicycle ferry is a handy solution to prevent traffic nuisance in the event of obstructions or work on bridges. The idea even arose for the Spijkenisserbrug to inform users via social media when the bridge is closed. ‘’Rijkswaterstaat’’, the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works in the Netherlands,  has already agreed on a one-year pilot for the ad hoc deployment of a ferry in the event of calamities. Watch the video of this wonderful collaboration here.

Modular solutions to prevent traffic nuisance
In the event of an emergency on bridges or obstructions on important access roads, Baars is ready to arrange a modular mooring pontoon for you as well. With modular containers and spud poles, we can put together the most efficient configuration for any situation. Moreover, we always have modular pontoons in stock at our shipyard in Sliedrecht. So we can be of quick service to you. Look here for more information about our modular pontoons or call us on +31 184 415 566.

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