Jack-up in natural reserve ‘’Biesbosch’’: Controlling water to deliver water

In order to guarantee the (drinking) water supply for now and in the future, ‘Evides Waterbedrijf’is working on the realisation of a new ‘Bergsche Maas’ intake pumping station as the delegated client of ‘Waterwinningbedrijf Brabantse Biesbosch’ (WBB). Part of this project is the construction of the underground transport pipelines on the edge of the De Biesbosch National Park. The contractor combination V.O.F. Denys/Van Oord faced a challenge in this respect. How do you lay pipelines in a nature reserve without disrupting the environment? Baars helped to find the solution.

Jack-up for stable position
The big question in this work was how the pipes could remain stable and in position on the water during installation and transport. Baars advised using a jack-up in the shallow water. This could be used as a resting table and workshop for connecting the pipes. On the pontoon of the jack-up the weld was made to connect the pipes. In addition, special roller systems were mounted to slide off the pipes. Four spudlegs ensured a stable position. After the preparatory work, the modular container pontoons were filled with water to sink the entire jack-up and the pipes.

Solutions for working on the water
Baars will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have when working on the water. We can often find new applications for you with existing materials. For more information about how we did this for Evides’ project, please visit: water reservoirs Biesbosch.

Jack-ups and pontoons of Baars
With our jack-ups you won’t be bothered by tides and waves. You can use them on rivers, in ports and along the coast (up to 5 NM and more from the coast). The jack-up can be delivered either by water or road and our engineers will be happy to make it ready for use. Thanks to the modular system, our associated containerized pontoons can be delivered in different configurations for different applications, such as dredging and drilling or soil investigation