4 point Mooring system for Breakwater in Gdańsk

In the northern port of the Polish city of Gdańsk, one of the largest hydraulic engineering projects in the country is under construction. The project is carried out by PORR, in cooperation with Rover Grupo and ROVER MARITIME – and Baars may also contribute. Our 4-point mooring system will be used in one of the most important parts of the project; the construction of a northern and an eastern breakwater with a total length of over 1.7 kilometres.

Caissons made of reinforced concrete
The core of the northern breakwater consists of 18 prefabricated caissons. These are gigantic ‘boxes’ of reinforced concrete with a length of 50 metres, a width of 15.5 metres and a height of 13.5 metres. For the new eastern breakwater even 20 of these caissons are needed. They will be manufactured in the shipyard areas of Wyspa Ostrów in Gdańsk and will later be fitted with a stone cladding and a reinforced concrete superstructure. The installation of the caissons was carried out with the help of Baars.

Delivery of a 4-point mooring system
Baars was allowed to supply a 4-point mooring system with which the caissons are accurately and securely positioned to the previously placed caissons. You can see how this works in the videos above in the slider. The 4-point mooring system consists of a Hydraulic Power Unit, 4 winches of 10 tons and 4 roller fairleads. Of course, our mooring system can also be assembled in other ways, for other applications in hydraulic engineering. On this page you will find more examples.

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