The Thames is colouring Baars !

Baars work barges are contributing to infrastructural improvements of London City

London City Airport
The B80, B81 and B51, B53 pictures have been taken at London’s City Airport where a major extension is being built including new 75,000m² concrete decks above King George V Dock. This vitally important structure, which is essentially the airport creating new ‘land’, will be supported by 1,000 steel columns (aka ‘piles’) and support new infrastructure like the parallel taxiway and the western terminal extension.

Thames, London
Besides the barges St Agatha and Vianen are being towed empty upstream to collect spoil from the central section of a project which is constructing a 25km long tunnel under London’s River Thames that will prevent the tens of millions of tonnes of pollution that currently flows into this river every year.

Hopper Barges Baars
Baars is proud to contribute to the infrastructural improvements of London City with her hopper barges. For more information about our hopper barges click here.

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