Innovative modular workbarge for narrow locks and low bridges

Especially for Dutch contractor Jelle Bijlsma, we have developed a unique innovation: the ‘collapsible’ pontoon YN Touwen. An ingenious hydraulic coupling system makes it possible to narrow the pontoon with machines on board to approximately 5.5 meters. This allows the pontoon to sail through narrow locks and under small bridges. After passing the pontoon is ‘folded out’ again and the work can be resumed immediately. Ideal for example for narrow waters and locks such as in Friesland, the Netherlands.

Baars is now a big player in small passages
The hydraulic coupling system consists of 12 lifting cylinder sets that are coupled to the middle pontoons and hooks on the outer pontoons that fit into the cylinder sets. If the pontoons have to be made narrower, the fastenings are released in pulling the handle on the Powerpack. Then the hydraulic system is switched on. Normally all the bolts in the containers need to be unlock and that takes a long time. The hydraulic system lowers the middle pontoons and the outer pontoons are pulled towards each other. The outer parts are then coupled to a stabilization beam. Has the pontoon arrived at the destination? Then the outer parts are pushed apart again and the inner pontoons are put in between. After that it is only a matter of securing the fixation bolts and lowering the protection flaps – and it has been completed for operation again!

For more information contact Bert Advocaat, Baars BV: +31 184 415566