Our pontoon is Bon Ton in France

The Maine is an approximately 12 kilometer long river in France that flows into the Loire. To facilitate the expansion of the well-known electric rainbow Tram in Angers, a new bridge is built over this river. Together with Baars Confloat BV!

For the construction of the bridge we were allowed to supply a modular pontoon. This pontoon is approximately 18 x 12 x 1.83 meters in size and is equipped with four spud poles. The pontoon can easily carry the 100-tonnes drilling machine , drilling the holes for the pipes. Wearing a crane that places the 2 bridge pillars in the river is no problem at all. Thanks to the pleasant and smooth cooperation between our client Eiffage and the Baars staff, the pontoon could be taken into use within a few weeks after the release of the offer.

Our modular pontoons are efficiently deployed in the short term and with the right marine equipment for any work on the water – on rivers, in ports or on the open sea. On request we can also provide the right certification. Interested? Contact us, we will be happy to inform you.