No longer Floods

In the region Kampen-Zwolle significant measures have been taken to ensure the water security for the future; the program is known under the name: Room for the Riverplan. The river, the ‘IJssel’, will be deepened over a length of 7.5 kilometers between the ‘Molenbrug’ and the ‘Eilandbrug’. In addition, the ‘Reevediep’ is constructed, a new splitting of the river ‘IJssel’ towards the ‘Drontermeer’’. The ‘Reevediep’ will create immediate over three hundred hectares of new nature, which strongly improves the natural quality of the region Kampen. For example, there will be created new pedestrian – and bicycle paths and a new channel for recreational vessels.

In May 2015 the dredging started, for which Baars delivered her splitbarges B803, B601 and B804. According to current planning, all the work of the first phase will be completed in late 2016 and the overall project will be completed by the end of 2019.