Baars as driving force behind the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show

Promenade and breakwater of Baars pontoons
On 4 September, the Amsterdam NDSM Wharf will transform itself for six days into a gigantic boat show when the 2012 HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show begins. We’re proud to report that Baars has been chosen to supply the modular pontoons that will serve as a breakwater for the HISWA. In total, we have placed more than 70 pontoons reaching a total length of 600 metres, with 12 spuds to ensure that they stay in place to break the waves of the IJ. Our pontoons will enable the many yachts that are shown during the event to take on passengers smoothly, without exposure to the impact of pounding waves. Because the pontoons join together seamlessly, they form a flat structure that can also function as a promenade for the many thousands of water sport fans attending the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show this week. 
Afterwards, back to international businessSince 1993, Baars and its subsidiary Baars Confloat have specialised in modular pontoons for the dredging industry. The linkable pontoons can absorb very strong dynamic forces, such as those of multi-tonne excavators. Special spuds, which can be extended to 35 metres, provide the large mass necessary to carry the heavy weight. Baars employees travel the world to assemble and dismantle the modular pontoons. For them, it’s a rare experience to be able to work so close to home. But not for long…. After the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show, some of the pontoons will be going to Lithuania and others to Norway.