Baars on the Brazilian beaches !

For geotechnical surveys, drillings and cone penetration tests will be done on the coast of the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. A Portuguese company recently purchased a jack-up 6 ‘ with us for this purpose. It is a self-elevating platform of 18,29 x 12,19 x 1,83 meter with 4 spud legs of each 30 m length.

Already in the construction phase we have been thinking about the transport. The modular containers have standard sizes (20- and 40- feet), so they can be equipped with CSC-plates, which makes transport by a sea-going vessel economically very attractive.

After arriving in Rio de Janeiro the jack-up is professionally mounted by the employees of Baars and a jacking engineer was installed in order to offer assistance and guidance for operating the hydraulic spudleg system.

The jack-up is a self-elevating unit and can for example be used in ports for soil research for the expansion of port terminals. Not only this self-elevating unit is used in Rio de Janeiro, but also for a project in Freetown in Sierra Leone. Which place in the world will follow?