Custom jack-up for work on the island of Guernsey

Van Oord was commissioned to install a new HDPE outfall pipe with concrete valve chambers out to 2.4 km off the coast of Guernsey. This is no simple task, because the installation would be in a fast current at a depth of 30 metres. Preparatory work on land was not an option, because there was no safe quay and storage area for the concrete valve chambers. Van Oord found a solution in a unique pontoon construction developed by Baars. 

Innovative custom solution
With Van Oord, we designed a custom modular pontoon with a special framework to ‘thread’ the pipes into place. The pontoon was given the appropriate name De Rijger (the threader)and was moored next to the backhoe dredger Piet Ponton. The concrete valve chambers were stored on a flat top pontoon moored next to Piet Ponton. De Rijger and the two modular anchor pontoons together formed a safe and stable platform for all the work on the project. 

Successful collaboration
The success of the Guernsey project lay in the good collaboration that enabled us and our principal to develop the right solution for this project. It was true for this project, as for so many others: Our Creativity, Your Solution.