In-depth assignments for our new split hopper barges

The French seaside resort Grandcamp-Maisy provides space to various sights, shops and a cozy harbor – which had to be made deeper. An exciting first job for our new 600 m3 split hopper barge B601! Because of the tidal range of more than 6 meters, the fairway of the port can only be utilized during several hours (at high tide). In addition, the width of passage in the lock is very close – and in the small harbor it is a real challenge to reverse the split hopper. Extreme driving skills of the skipper of the tugboat “William B senior’’ was required.

In cooperation with the skipper and the performer Marc SA of Tourlaville the job has been done successfully.

Sister ship B602 has had its baptism of fire – although closer to home – on the river IJssel in Deventer. At this location the IJssel has got side channels by using our split hopper. Now water can be drained faster and better and the area will be better protected against floods