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Professional skill: family company with more than 190 years of experience

Baars has been working with dredging equipment and modular pontoons since 1832. That means we’ve built up more than 185 years of knowledge and experience. You enjoy the benefits, because we offer the most innovative and high-value solutions. But we also like to share our knowledge, as we do with Dutch students at the hydraulic engineering conference known as the Waterbouwbeurs. Baars is a family company where people care for each other—people who work hard and have a heart for the company, our products, and our customers. You feel it right away, whether you’re talking to our director or one of our welders or technicians. 

Service: available 24/7

Our work is careful and reliable. That’s why we have a clear website and fast delivery. We also offer clear user instructions. If you still need help, we’re there. Always. During the lunch break, in the evenings, on Sundays—if you need immediate help or advice, we’re available. We also create WhatsApp groups for projects so that everyone involved, all over the world, can stay in touch at all times. 

Innovative: sustainable renewal

Every year we work on a new innovative project. In recent years we developed a slurry blade system as well as a collapsible pontoon for use in narrow locks and a heavy crane pontoon with walking spudlegs stepping spuds for marine use. Sustainability and the 2020-2050 Paris Climate Agreement are core values in our project development. Where we can, we refurbish existing products for re-use. To make our products sustainable, we are also using more and more sustainable energy sources such as solar panels, biodiesel and hybrid generators.

Flexible: Our Creativity, Your Solution

Our slogan is: ‘Our Creativity, Your Solution’. We do everything possible to offer you a fitting solution. We have everything we need in-house to design and construct products and applications. And we don’t just offer creative solutions—we do it fast. We prefer speed to waiting for the approval of a large team. 

Safety: from training to instruction manual

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, for our personnel and in the development and use of or products. Our employees receive all the necessary training, even about travel awareness if they are working at an international location. We provide thorough instruction to all those involved in the use of our equipment. On request, we can also provide an HSE plan. 

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