Repair work in Bastia with the Genois monopontoon

One of our loyal customers, Buesa, may join Enterprise Natali and SNC Vendaci in carrying out repair work in the city of Bastia in Corsica. The project was initiated by the Cullettivita di Corsica, a Corsican government organization. The project involves repairs to breakwater works in Bastia in which is pPierart the famous Dragon pier. The purpose of these repair works is to better protect the city of Bastia and the land behind it from violent storms and flooding as a result. The coastal restoration work involves the re-application of a filter layer of crushed stone and then finishing the coastal works with Accropodes. Accropodes are concrete breakwater elements specially designed to withstand the force of waves on the breakwaters. The Accropodes thus serve to further strengthen the coastal works. After a storm in 2008, the first Accropodes were constructed on the coastal works near Bastia. These were Type I Accropodes that will now be replaced by Type II Accropodes, which provide even better reinforcement.

The monopontoon delivered by Baars
The monopontoon used for this project, Le Genois, is named after the famous mill on the breakwater the Dragon Jetee. Despite good experiences with the modular coupling pontoon the ‘Seijssel‘, it was decided to go for a monopontoon for this project. This offers a more economical, strong solution for a pontoon that will do the coastal works at Bastia, and in the future all the other major works for Buesa.

What the monopontoon has to offer
The backhoe monopontoon is designed to carry a heavy crane of up to 140 tons. The monoponton has a size of 42x12x2.5m. In addition, the monoponton contains no less than two hydraulically operating spud poles and a walking spudleg system. Finally, Le Genois is also equipped with various deck equipment such as winches, HPU, workshop, anchors and light masts.

The development of Le Genois monopontoon
In March 2021, Baars received the order for the development of Le Genois, and already at the end of the same year Le Genois went on sea transport to the home port of Buesa, in Sete. This was quite a challenge for Baars, given the developments regarding Covid-19 and the associated overcrowded shipyards and lockdowns. Also, the monoponton has already been certified by the French coastal area.
Le Genois monoponton is a strong, versatile monoponton that can be used for dredging and coastal works.

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