Baars modular pontoons in high lakes Norway

Hauling heavy equipment across a Norwegian lake? A piece of cake with Baars!

In April this year, Baars was asked to supply modular pontoons in the inhospitable area near the Lyngsvatn dam in Norway. For this project, our client Maritex was asked to transport 70-ton excavators and other heavy equipment to the other side of the lake. A distance of about 3.5 nautical miles at an altitude of about 650 MASL (height above sea level) under rough weather conditions – a big job!

Fast delivery to the most impossible places
The ice on the water disappeared on May 14th and assembly of the pontoon began on May 18th. A tight schedule, but we never shy away from a challenge. We can deliver our modular pontoons so quickly because they have a standard container size that fits on every truck, ferry or railcar. We can also deliver the pontoons to the most impossible places, so you can deploy a super strong floating transportation device anywhere. Watch this video for an idea of the applications.

Want to know more?
Do you have a difficult to access work location and do you need heavy equipment on the water? Please contact us. Together with you we will find the best solution. For more information you can also view our page on renting and buying modular pontoons or request for a quote directly.

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