Baars BV in the broadcast of ‘Ondernemend Nederland’

Ondernemend Nederland’, translated ‘Enterprising Netherlands’, is a business program that inspires the Dutch enterprises. The televiewer is taken into the world of several companies from various industries. Every week is dealt with a theme, which aims to inspire the viewer and give them new ideas.

The theme of Sunday, June 21th is Waterland Netherlands, Oil & Gas. In this episode the company of Baars BV is put in the spotlight and all aspects of the company are explained. The manufacture, the assembly, the products and the innovations are visualized. Curious how this program looks like? At Sunday, June 21th 2015, at 9:55 (Dutch time) on RTL 7 you can have a look!

If you missed this broadcast number 17, you can watch the replay on Saturday, June 27 2015, at 13:00 PM (Dutch time) RTL 7 or later you can view it on the following link