Martijn, Haagse Hogeschool, graduates with our 6′ certified Jackup !

Martijn Dijkshoorn is studying Mechanical Engineering at the Haagse Hogeschool in Delft., the Netherlands. At Baars Confloat he has executed a wonderful graduation project in collaboration with our Technical Manager Maurice van Koert. The assignment (about which you read more here) reads:

“Investigate if the modular jack-up pontoon 6 ‘ meets the required certification to be able to work 5 nautical miles from the coast. Then redesign this before the 20th December to the requirements and needs of the parties concerned subject to any regulations. “

After research it turned out that the current jack-up meets the requirements and needs of all parties involved. A nice result for Baars! Martijn then refined his assignment and devised a modular option for the spud pole. That also had a good result for Martijn. He got a nice 7 as final mark and his plan is now being executed. Collaboration between education and business is a win-win situation.