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In addition to a number of conventional mono pontoons Baars also has more than 200 modular coupling pontoons: the Confloat Container Pontoons. These pontoons can be coupled up in an infinite number of configurations, including one that specifically fits your work platform needs, for instance, at locations that are not easily accessible for conventional pontoons. As well as our certified modular 6-ft high pontoons you can now also use the unique new certified 9.5 ft high modular pontoonBeluga – an absolutely outstanding addition to our range. It even allows you to connect the sections in such a way as to create a heavy dredging or a multipurpose pontoon. The pontoon’s spud legs are so strong that you can even use a crane weighing 200 tonnes. What’s more, the spud leg jacking system has been designed to lift continuously at a speed of 1.4 m per minute, which means you can work quickly and efficiently.

 CSC approved
Our containers are CSC approved – CSC stands for Container Safety Convention. The internationally recognised CSC plate provides proof that our container can be handled, transported and stacked safely, for example, on a ship. This is especially important for an inexpensive means of shipping the container to other parts of the world. The spud legs can be divided up into shorter lengths which means they can be transported with an open-top container.

Ideal for pile driving, drilling and dredging activities
The hydraulic spud, lifting and pressure systems are among the features that make our Confloat Container Pontoons particularly suited to pile driving and dredging work. The stepping post construction and winch posts makes them very suitable for dredging activities. For local propulsion at the site you can connect thrusters to the pontoons. We also offer a choice of accommodation options, winches, and roll-on-roll-off ramps. Click on configurations at the bottom of the page to check out the available modular (heavy) options.

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