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Unique pontoon for a wide range of loads

In addition to our existing range of certified modular Jackups comprising 6-ft high Confloat Container Pontoons, we now also have a modular pontoon available that is 9.5-ft high – an absolutely outstanding addition to our range. This pontoon enables you to put together a Self Elevating Unit with a lifting capacity of no less than 400T. What’s more, the spud leg jacking system has been designed to lift continuously at a speed of 1.4 m per minute, which means you can work quickly and efficiently.

CSC approved
Our containers are CSC approved – CSC stands for Container Safety Convention. The internationally recognised CSC plate provides proof that our container can be handled, transported and stacked safely, for example, on a ship. This is especially important for an inexpensive means of shipping the container to other parts of the world. The spud legs can be divided up into shorter lengths, which means they can be transported with an open-top container.

Marine equipment
For local propulsion at the site you can connect thrusters to the pontoons. We also offer a choice of accommodation options, winches, stepped posts, roll-on-roll-off ramps.

Also available – top quality dredging systems and equipment
We can also provide top quality dredging equipment and transport barges. Our sister company Baars Charter specialises in the sale and hire of dredgers, including hopper barges, split hopper barges, and drywell hopper barges specially for (contaminated) sludge. This means that you can find all your dredging solutions in one place.

Would you like more information?
Our products are used worldwide by companies involved in dredging, pile-driving and drilling projects. Our website offers lots of examples. If you are interested in obtaining more details or maybe a quote, feel free to contact us on (0184) 41 55 66 or send an e-mail to rental@baarsbv.com.

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