Spudpontoon Shannon from Baars facilitates dredging in Benin

The bustling port of Cotonou in Benin is the subject of an ambitious expansion project led by renowned French contractor Eiffage. The project aims not only to improve the port, but also to expand the terminal for ocean-going vessels. A key factor in this project is the dredging of the port basin and the areas around the piers. Baars is playing a crucial role by renting its multipurpose pontoon, the Shannon, to Eiffage.

Features of the Shannon

The Shannon is a robust 42.72 x 14.63 x 2.89 metre pontoon made up of modular pontoons; nine and a half metres depth. This intelligent design provides the stability and manoeuvrability essential for efficient dredging operations. Equipped with two 24-metre square modular spudpontoons and a 24-metre moveable long spudleg with winches, the Shannon can move easily without the assistance of tugs.

Dredging equipment

The deck of the Shannon is equipped with all the equipment needed for dredging operations, including an 18-tonnes winch system, guardrails, bollards, light masts, dragline bulkheads, crane stops and fenders. These installations support the 250 tonnes Cat 6015 excavator crane with triple boom, which plays a central role in the dredging process.

Efficiency and cooperation

In conjunction with the heavy Van Tunen‘s Cat 6015 excavator, of which the triple boom takes care to move more dredging material at a lower cost, the Shannon provides a cost-effective solution for dredging operations in Benin. Together with motorised split hopper barges, this duo will ensure smooth and efficient dredging, with an estimated duration of 20 weeks. After this everything will be assembled by a team of Baars personnel and will be safely returned to the Netherlands by a liner containervessel.

Various options

In addition to the Shannon, Baars offers other backhoe pontoons, such as the Titaan and the Beluga, both seaworthy pontoons, and the Rubicon, suitable for inland and port work. This diversity enables Baars to meet different dredging needs.

Completion and future prospects

As the dredging work in the Port of Cotonou progresses, Baars remains committed to providing high-quality marine solutions. The Shannon, with its excellent performance and versatility, is a valuable addition to any dredging project, from busy seaports to calm inland waterways. For more information on Baars’ backhoe pontoons and other maritime solutions, please visit our website.

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