Baars and Nirint supports Cuba with pontoon : a gesture of solidarity

At Baars, we believe not only in providing high-quality pontoon services, but also in contributing to the well-being of communities where we operate. This month, we ran a special sponsorship campaign that goes beyond our usual scope of operations. In collaboration with Nirint Shipping, we sent a container filled with relief goods to Cuba. A gesture of solidarity and support to those who need it most.

The transport was not just a logistics venture; it was a collaboration with the foundations ”Woord in Actie” and Cubamigos, which have been working for years to develop Cuban communities. The product of our efforts was a 20′ container full of necessary goods, transported on a vessel, a bright spot for the people of Cuba.

A look behind the scenes: The trip report

To understand the impact of our sponsorship campaign, we take you through the travelogue of Marian Leenman, president of the ”Woord in Actie” Foundation. She describes Cuba as a country with a facade of nostalgia for tourists, but with a harrowing reality for locals. Inflation is skyrocketing, making basic necessities unaffordable. Baars and Nirint Shipping offered ”Woord in Actie” the opportunity to send a 20′ container of relief supplies to Cuba free of charge, and this opportunity was received with open arms.

Besides the relief goods, the container also contained 10 sewing machines, which play an important role in ”Woord in Actie” project. The aim is to produce washable incontinence materials, nappies and sanitary towels.  The foundation not only distributes these materials but also teaches how to use them in the most effective way. Those incontinence materials are expensive consumer goods to export. So ”Woord in Actie” invented this economic effective solution for the people in Cuba.

A heartwarming response of gratitude

Marian Leenman shares touching moments of gratitude from local people. The relief goods, ranging from medicines to toolboxes, have positively impacted the lives of many. Unfortunately, there are no photos of these emotional moments, because Marian was too embarrassed to capture them. However, it shows the deep impact of the help provided by Baars and Nirint Shipping.

Many thanks of Cubamigos Foundation

Finally, we would like to thank the chairman of the Cubamigos Foundation, Ron Omvlee, for his words of appreciation. Baars Sliedrecht’s contribution in sending a container has made a considerable difference to countless families and churches in Cuba.

Baars remains committed to such initiatives that make the world a little better. Together with our partners, we will continue to strive for positive change!