Jack-up platform for geotechnical investigation

Geotechnical investigation in port

For the geotechnical investigation in the port of Sines, the popular modular jack-up Finn is being used for the second time by our client Geocontrole. Geocontrole has a contract for the geotechnical soil investigation in the port of Sines. The soil samples will be drilled and later tested for approval of a possible terminal expansion of the port. In 5 weeks time, this efficient jack-up Finn completed the job! Experienced jacking engineer Adrian van Baars is also hired for this job.

Procedure Baars Jack-up

  • insurvey equipment and at the same time loading modular pontoons on trucks at Baars Sliedrecht shipyard
  • transport to the southern end of Europe, Sines Portugal, almost 2300 km
  • assembly of jack-up by Baars engineers with local tele crane
  • towing  jack-up to the right position for ground investigation
  • drilling soil samples by customer operated by Baars jacking master
  • towing jack-up back to quay in port of Sines
  • dismantling of jack-up by Baars engineers
  • loading trucks with modular pontoons
  • return transport to Sliedrecht, another 2300 km across Europe
  • unloading trucks at Baars shipyard in Sliedrecht
  • outsurvey modular jack-up Finn

Jack-up Finn

The self-elevating Finn was used to carry out the geotechnical survey in the port of Sines. Other

Jack-up Finn is a sister ship of the Nore, Suir and Boyne, and is a modular jack-up made from coupling pontoons. It measures 20.72 x 12.19 x 1.83m including 2 bow containers and 30-metre spud legs. This type of jack-up has been used before in the port of Sines. Look at this timelapse of the assembly and operation of the jack-up in Sines.

This type of jack-up has proved its worth on several occasions in the past. There are several applications of such a jack-up:

  • repair work on bridges
  • anchor drilling in quay walls from the water
  • ground suveys by drilling soil samples through the moonpool.

The Finn has even been working in the Gulf of California in Mexico. Due to its modular parts, transport can be easily achieved by truck or by sea. Click here for more versions of jackup platforms from Baars.

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