Dredging work in the Port of Gorinchem

New overnight stay moorings will be built in the port of Gorinchem, but before that time 60,000 m3 of sludge will have to be dredged. An attractive assignment for Van den Herik Kust- en Oeverwerken. And for Baars! Because we were able to supply two drywell hopper barges to carry out the work.

work barges for dredging
Dredging is necessary in order to renew the mooring posts and construct a floating jetty. The Baars dry well hopper barges are perfectly suited for this purpose. Our drywell hopper barge B45 has a loading capacity of 817 tons and the B48 even has the capacity to transport 993 tons of sludge. Both hoppers are loaded via a dredging pontoon and unloaded in the Slufter. Because Van den Herik, like us, is based in Sliedrecht, the delivery was a home game – and quickly arranged. Watch the video on YouTube!

What are drywell hopper barges suitable for?
Drywell hopper barges are perfectly suited for transporting large quantities of sludge, small gravel or (wet) sand. They can easily be unloaded with a crane or barge dredger. Of course, we supply the barges with a valid Community Certificate, an inland tonnage certificate and a cargo hold capacity measurement certificate. If you need hopper barges or split barges then you can come to Baars as well!

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