Modular pontoon with 6 point mooring system for port operations in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands

The port of Spijkenisse will be the new place to live, work and relax. Tough warehouses and beautiful mansions are being built, but first the ‘’Veerkade’’ has to be tackled. Wicks, international ground treatment contractor, has therefore been commissioned for the vertical drainage of the bottom of the harbour. The company uses a modular container pontoon with a 6 point mooring system from Baars.

Modular container pontoon with 6 point mooring system
Vertical drains are an economical solution to strengthen a water-saturated soil and improve soil stability. To install them, Wicks hires our modular container pontoon called Skjern. It is equipped with a 6 point mooring system. The vertical drainage rig is placed on the pontoon. Thanks to the mooring system, which consists of 6 winches, the pontoon can then easily be moved. A tugboat is not necessary for this. The vertical drainage can therefore be carried out in a fast, economical and accurate way with this mooring system.

Video and more information
In the video at the top of the page the baars equipment is shown.
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