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  • Afsluitdijk project
  • Titaan modular workbarge

Strenghtening the ”Afsluitdijk” with floating workplatform ‘Titaan’

Building consortium Levvel, which consists of a collaboration between BAM, Van Oord and Rebel, will reinforce the ”Afsluitdijk” in the Netherlands. The consortium uses specially developed sustainable concrete blocks. Placing those blocks directly from the modular container barge “Titaan” from Baars!

Sustainable dyke improvement
The consortium uses special (Levvel) concrete blocks that have been assembled in such a way that they require considerably less concrete. This results in no less than 50% less CO2 emissions than with conventional dyke improvement.

Easy to move container pontoon
The concrete blocks are delivered on a hopper barge. This barge is laid alongside the pontoon and the excavator then places the blocks against the dike. The pontoon is equipped with

  • four heavy spud legs; those legs makes it possible to proceed working during high waves
  • two walking legs, which makes a push boat unnecessary; and can move 10 meters at each step

Beautiful sustainable hydraulic engineering project
Maurice van Koert, Technical Manager at Baars: “I am proud to be able to contribute to the reinforcement of the ‘Afsluitdijk’ by supplying our modular pontoon Titaan. This is a beautiful sustainable hydraulic engineering project to which we would like to connect to our name..”

Actual status Titaan
December 2019 Sennebogen crane arrived at shipyard Baars for further preparations
January 2019 workplatform Titaan at an advanced stage

Look here for more applications of the modular container barges.

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