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Baars offers more options in Germany

Baars offers more options in Germany

As a solution to improving the water quality of the German lake ‘Schiedersee’, it was decided to change the course of the River Emmer. The aim is to stop the river from flowing directly into the lake and to separate it off from the lake by means of a kilometre-long dam along the north bank. The new canal that will be formed as a result will be 40 to 60 metres wide and will create a natural water course. This unique project will be carried out by Josef Möbius Bau, a subsidiary of Strabag, and will use the modular barges of Baars.

Delivery of the modular barges
Working on the Schiedersee requires a special approach because the floating equipment cannot be delivered by water.  This means that everything needs to be transportable in smaller sections, but this is not a problem because Baars has a wide range of modular barges. The barges used for this project are the modular hopper barge B4 and split hopper barges B16, B17 and B18. Möbius will first install a sheet pile wall from the water and will then use the modular barges of Baars to dump some 175,000 tonnes of armour rock at the site.


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